We make quite a few varieties of hard ciders, depending both on what kind of apples we are able to get our hands on and how we decide to blend the finished fermentations.  We grow the cultivars Golden Russet, Gold Rush, Yarlington Mill, Kingston Black, and Dabinett in our own orchard, but we also supplement with apples from local growers Clark Brothers and Pine Hill. Here’s the current lineup, with starred items being available seasonally:

Apple Pommeau 

(19.5% abv) : Smoothly-blended cider and apple brandy, barrel-aged for up to a year.

*Seasonal Fruit Infused Cider ( 6% abv) :Blackcurrant infused Cider Black Farmer’s markets only!


Heirloom:  Made from a fruity blend of traditional cider apples – Yarlington Mill, Esopus Spitzenburg, and Ashmead’s Kernel – this cider is full bodied and semi-sweet with a mild tannic finish and a light amber color.


Stars In A Bottle: This champagne style cider is made from a blend of one barrel of ice pressed cider, and one barrel of super special apples, including Golden Russet, Redfield, and Ashmead’s Kernel. We will only be making 40 cases. You can find this cider at Whole Foods in Hadley, Provisions, Atkins, and at the following winter farmer’s markets: Natick, Somerville, Cambridge, and Wayland.



We now also have two new non-alcoholic products that are flying out the door as fast as we can produce it! Come to any of our farmer’s markets to try:

cider syrup

Cider Syrup – made from boiling down fresh pressed juice, this deeply caramelized syrup is made just like maple. The flavor is sweet and tangy and can be used in a million ways – from pancakes and yogurt, to roast vegetables and meats, to sodas and cocktails. Currently, we are only selling it at the farmer’s markets, so I hope you can visit us there.

Sweet Cider Vinegar:

This lovely vinegar packs a real fruity punch. It is a little sweeter than your average vinegar and is great for deglazing and dressings. Some people make sodas by mixing it in their bubbly water.